[Complimentary Guide] Signs of Autism in Girls – Is Asperger’s in Girls Overlooked?

Are there fewer girls with autism or are they not being diagnosed? How can a diagnosis help a girl with autism? What kinds of therapies can benefit autism in girls? In an effort to help parents whose daughters show symptoms of autism, we have listed in our complimentary guide the signs of autism in girls, how it differs from boys with ASD, and more.

Autism in girls has long been misdiagnosed as their symptoms look quite different from those of their male peers on the spectrum.

When most people think of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or high functioning autism, often called Asperger’s syndrome, boys and men often come to mind. An obsessive desire to memorize facts and collect information on a subject they are especially interested in or the inability to have typical social interactions and maintain friendships, or even exceptional intelligence (often confused with savant syndrome) are often considered hallmarks of ASD and Asperger’s syndrome.

Young girls with autism, on the other hand, might perform at an average to excellent level at school, even socializing at what appears to be an age-appropriate level. “Some girls with Asperger’s will manage to keep their difficulties under wraps at school, but might have ‘meltdowns’ at home, where they feel safe to relax and release the feelings that they have been squashing down all day.” (Steward, 2014)

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