These programs are open for children ages 6 weeks all the way to 12 years old.

Please click on the thumbnail to learn more about the program you are interested in. There are quarterly scholarships available too. To speak with our administrator, please call 502-365-1481 for Merioneth Drive location and 502-966-3636 for Shepherdsville Rd. location.

Personal Attention To Every Child

Young Kids Academy’s educational daycare philosophy is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, named after the Italian city and surrounding villages where the method took root after World War II. Central to this philosophy is the belief that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults provide the basis for all learning. With these relationships in place, children develop a capacity for trust, competence, and independence that helps them grow as students and people.

More Than A Daycare

Through wondrous classroom spaces and developmentally appropriate experiences, our dedicated teachers and support staff are all committed to:

Leveraging technology to develop innovative learning products and solutions.

We also know education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we created the School Readiness Pathway, to provide educational options, empowering parents to choose the best fit for their child. Unique and individualized lesson plans are found in each classroom, in every school, based on the abilities, strengths, and needs of those particular children. The result: A customized early education that’s perfect for your child. We know because we developed it just for them.

Learning Environment

We provide a rich learning environment with curricula that are developmentally appropriate to the specific ages in each classroom. We have a flexible day routine that allows children to advance at their own pace. We strongly believe that learning happens through play. Learning and exploring are hands-on and are facilitated through interest areas. Our program is designed to enhance children’s development in the following areas: creativity, self-expression, decision-making, problem-solving, responsibility, independence, and reasoning. We encourage openness to that which is different from us, and the ability to work and play with others.

Child Developmental Screening

Early Childhood Education Program uses the. Developmental learning. To coincide with curriculum-based assessment(s), we monitor each child’s achievement of developmental milestones, share observations with parents/guardians, and provide resource information as needed for further screenings, evaluations, and early intervention and treatment. The developmental screening process is a collaborative one, involving parents/guardians and done in conjunction with the child’s primary care provider and health, education, and early intervention consultants. Developmental screening is conducted with written consent from the child’s parent/guardian(s).

The Pre-K program provides a focus on:

  • student and teacherProblem-solving
  • student and teacher laughingResponsive listening
  • students raising their handsUsing language to learn
  • teacher teaching her studentsSocial and collaborative skills